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adult sex dating: 7 Ideal Teenage Online dating Apps 2020 – Safe and sound Adult Online dating Apps to get …

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Post-Wedding Magazine Vida a Dois The meaning of dreams about sex and love: know everything and relax!

Before continuing to read, we want to emphasize the fact that dreams are just that… dreams! And sometimes, its nature is not as simple as we wanted it to be. In the love and sexual sphere, dreams do not have a defined or clear basis, as they arise in an arbitrary and involuntary way. As if they had a will of their own.

Want to know what your dreams mean? Today we share a small guide with you. However, it is necessary to take into account the aspects that differentiate the interior of each person.

To continue with the approach to this theme, we draw on the words of Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, expert in the interpretation of dreams, reflected in Dream On It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life. Pay attention and take note!

Relax! The fact that you have dreamed of that person does not mean that there is a special or stronger feeling for him. And if you are in a relationship, your partner also has no reason to worry. These dreams can be based on the admiration of some psychological quality of a certain person. Something in which we can see ourselves and relate our personality. The person who was the protagonist of his dream may be physically unattractive, but his intellectual value caused a whole moment when clothes were torn, ending up in a night of passion. Enjoy it! Here the physical aspect is the least important element!

The eroticism that arises from power is important, but it is the job performed that causes a certain attraction. Everyone likes to rise to the highest job and this is where the boss is: boasting at the highest possible level. For this reason, a crazy night with our superiors, without previous obscene thoughts, just indicate that you want and look for a job that implies greater responsibility or help from your boss.

Very common. If the end of the relationship is recent, this dream implies an emotional bond with the person in question, which we have not yet been able to forget, so it still dwells in our thoughts. However, if we dream of an old and distant love, whether it is the first love or a person we have not been with for years, this dream may indicate that we are looking for similar or even hotter sex. These dreams can arise due to the routine you live with your current partner or the lack of sexual life.

Something is failing in the relationship and a solution needs to be found. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with sex itself, but the subconscious represents it in this way, so that we are more attentive. Furthermore, when the relationship is on the right track, sexual intercourse with another person represents the novelty in the couple’s life that deserves special attention … perhaps a new element that, in a way, made us neglect the other person.