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The mouth is the protagonist of this dream, but not for the function that the title indicates. In fact, the appearance of this part of the body in the dream indicates that an intimate conversation is pending. However, the person with whom you want to have a conversation is not necessarily the person who appeared in your dream.

When we dream that we share our bed with two people. If you are in a relationship, these scenarios you dream of include your partner and someone else, whether male or female. When faced with this type of dream, the emergence of a novelty in the relationship requires attention from the two involved, such as a baby, a new home or a common business. Here we enter into a context that presupposes more logic.

The most common type of sex in women. We can see these dreams as the need to feel dominated and to have sex in a more “risky” way. The truth is that dreamers can feel trapped in their relationships. In this sense, a more or less fun dream can have a negative meaning. Be careful!

It is a very famous dream among heterosexual women. This mysterious person, who corresponds to a stranger, is nobody in particular, but he is the personification of the man he has always desired and who presents the characteristics he seeks in the opposite sex.

Discovering love in our dreams means that there is something in particular that we like and that we find happiness with, whether it is a material element, like an object or a person. As we already know, dreams magnify many situations or feelings, corresponding to a sign of pleasure, without us having to speak imperatively about love itself. However, on many occasions we have even reached the point of falling in love.

A complicated situation if, in fact, we are in a sentimental and loving relationship. Such a dream can awaken negative thoughts, leading us astray. The secret here is to remain calm. All relationships have ups and downs and this dream may indicate that they are not in the best phase. However, it does not symbolize that you no longer want that person. Be patient and try to discover the problems that currently prevent you from being happy, together with your partner.

This dream is not necessarily reflected in the couple’s situation, but if it eventually arises it may indicate that the dreamer’s subconscious thinks or knows that the other person no longer wants it. However, it doesn’t have to be about love, but about happiness or the desire to be with a person. In these moments, when doubts arise regarding the viability of a relationship or the possibility that it may materialize, it can also be an indicator of insecurity on the part of the person who has the dream.

Another dream that is strongly related to people who have insecurities, in which we imagine that our partner has fallen in love with someone else. The fear that people have of infidelity is the key and the engine for these circumstances, materializing in the dream about a third person who receives the love that in reality we should be the ones to receive. If you trust the person next to you and feed your self-esteem, this kind of dreams will disappear sooner or later.

There are two interpretations that can be drawn from these dreams. Firstly, the subconscious is intelligent and perhaps it is alerting us to a feeling that will gradually emerge. That special friend, who until now has always seen you as a brother or sister, can be something more for you from now on. On the other hand, the second perspective that we can approach is the fact that you really like the friendship you have with another person, becoming something truly special over time. There are not many turns to take on this issue.

Now that you know how to interpret your dreams, you may have lifted a weight off yourself, being able to live with your partner in a more relaxed way, keeping an eye on many other factors that are part of the your day-to-day. In spite of everything, don’t miss the magic of every moment!