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(Participant 8, 22 years old)

The consequences of these processes are several and accentuate the specificities of the victimization that occurs in LG relationships. Thus, victims are subject to a double stigma, that of being a victim in an intimate relationship and that of assuming an LG relationship. Such stigma, coupled with shame, reinforces silencing and reduces the motivation for reporting to police authorities and support services.

I think it is even more difficult between a homosexual relationship for people to complain about domestic violence, because there is always that idea that the policeman will be homophobic and will still make fun of us. Reporting situations of violence is complicated, people feel ashamed and we feel it. (Participant 13, 25 years old)

Undoubtedly, I think it gets worse for people of the same sex because the stigma of being a victim of domestic violence is compounded by the stigma of being a victim of domestic violence with a partner of the same sex, and this makes things noticeably worse. (Participant 2, 19 years old)

There are several people who have gone through and who felt some fear of reporting situations of violence, harassment at school, in the family etc., because of their sexual orientation, from the moment they report, they have to say why – they are already doing it one coming out. (Participant 11, 20 years old)

Anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation are portrayed as the main health problems experienced by LG people, resulting from the discrimination associated with sexual orientation and the victimization suffered.

I think there are a number of other factors specific to the LGB population that cause anxiety and that’s it, we know today that the young LGB population, at least, is much more prone to developing depression and then suicide. All of this, not being directly linked to gender roles, is also an important issue within this discussion, that anxiety then generates violence, is one of the ways to deal with it. (Participant 2, 19 years old)

According to the participants’ reports, the rates of violence and the respective complaints vary depending on the country’s areas. Thus, victimization tends to be higher in the North and in rural areas, although complaints are less frequent there. The non-accessibility of information, especially through the internet, makes it difficult to recognize the status of victim and the subsequent reporting of situations of victimization. In turn, the victim’s social context and socioeconomic status, as well as his degree of comfort with his sexual orientation, affects the dynamics of violence.

I think that the violence will be in some way linked to the level of acceptance of the culture of the country or region where the couple is from. If there is a big adaptation, if the person is well with himself, I think the levels of violence, the rate of violence, in the area will be much lower. (Participant 15, 28 years old)

I believe, for example, that people from the North have much more difficulty in denouncing certain and certain problems of their affective life and their life as their partner than people who live here, for example, in Lisbon.