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adult sex dating: 7 Very best Adolescent Relationship Apps 2020 – Safe Adult Adult dating Apps regarding …

(2 Corinthians 12.21 – Emphasis added – Cf. Galatians 5.19; Colossians 3.5). All underlined words point to a misuse of sexuality. Note the emphasis on using three different words to frame such practices! This shows a great concern with the absurdities practiced and how much they displease God.

The positive mention and encouragement we see in the Bible is marriage as something from God for the blessing of human beings. The use of sexuality is blessed – only – within it: “Worthy of honor be marriage, as well as the spotless bed; because God will judge the unclean and adulterers. ” (Hebrews 13: 4). Note that if the marriage is worthy of honor, the other forms of union between the couple that are outside the standard of God are dishonorable, which is clearly pointed out by the phrase “because God will judge the unclean and adulterers”. Marriage is worthy of honor because it is a divine institution. The other forms of union are human inventions and aim to please only the sinful desire of the human heart.

So we see that it is quite clear that the world is not right in its position on sex outside of marriage, nor what our hormones tell us is right. The reason is in the Holy Bible and, as demonstrated above, it does not support sex outside the marriage union, that is, if you want to maintain a holy courtship, you must keep to enjoy the sex life within what God guides us in His Word.

If they are not taking the pressure, if they are, as Paul said “burned”, then it is better that they take their responsibility to each other and get married.

Before finishing, I was forgetting, to those who argue that love is the most important and that the role only gets in the way, I say that if love is really the most important thing in the relationship, it is natural the desire to commit to the law and to the God. When there is no desire for that commitment, what is in focus is not love, but the selfish desire to take advantage of the other person in some way. As Paul well said:

“Love is patient, it is benign; love does not burn with jealousy, does not boast, does not puff up, does not conduct itself inconveniently, does not seek its interests, does not exasperate, does not resent evil; does not rejoice in injustice, but rejoices in the truth; everything suffers, everything believes, everything hopes, everything supports. ” (1 Cor 13. 4-7).

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